Gluten-Free Granola

By | February 7th, 2017|Favorite Recipes|

My wonderful sister gave this recipe to me, and not only is it healthy and delicious, but we don't have to compromise taste or texture even though it's gluten-free. Mmm... *beam* I love to eat this with my Cold Breakfast Oatmeal! In a large bowl combine: 5 c. Rolled oats 2 c. Coconut flakes, unsweetened 2 [...]

Overnight Oatmeal

By | February 7th, 2017|Favorite Recipes|

This oatmeal recipe is prepared the night before and can be served cold the next morning with fresh fruit, granola (or gluten-free granola), and chopped nuts. Oh my taste buds... it is super delicious. Extremely healthy, filling, and satiating, takes only a few minutes to prepare, and can even be modified to be gluten-free, dairy-free, [...]

Gifts In a Jar! – Sweet Homemade Happiness

By | December 1st, 2016|Family Fun, Favorite Recipes|

Sweet recipes of desserts or hot drinks in varying sizes of jars (depending on the recipe), and with a decorative lid and label to fit the occasion. I love to celebrate Christ's birth by giving gifts especially at Christmas time!  And our older daughters love to give gifts as well, but we also need to [...]

Delightful Hot Cocoa – Home made, Fat-free, Sugar-free, and Sooo Yummy!

By | December 1st, 2016|Favorite Recipes|

I created this recipe for those in our family who are trying not to eat sugar but who delight in a nice, sweet hot drink on these chilly fall days.  It serves as a nice after dinner dessert for us many nights. And I've come up with 7 different flavors so far to add to [...]

Favorite Recipes: Gingerbread Cookies for Christmas

By | December 1st, 2016|Favorite Recipes|

I personally love, love SOFT, frosted gingerbread cookies.  My mom has been making this recipe my entire life, and she has perfected it... I decorated these cookies as a girl, and am now doing it with our children, my siblings and their families.  What a joy.  *smile* Here are photos of our girls and I at my [...]

Favorite Recipes: Zucchini Alfredo

By | May 30th, 2016|Favorite Recipes|

 (Photo and recipe courtesy of, slightly modified by me) This is a huge family favorite that all of our children just devour.  This recipe is delicious.  And it uses a huge amount of zucchini, so if you have one of those enormous home garden or locally farm-grown zucchinis that are about 14-inches long, this is a [...]

Recipe Organization

By | May 16th, 2016|Favorite Recipes, Organization, Time Efficiency|

How I create and organize my binders Organization on my recipes themselves Resources I use for finding new recipes When Bob and I were first married I had my recipe cards stuck in a little 4x6 recipe box.  This completely frustrated me as I could not see all of my choices before making a selection.  [...]

Favorite Recipes: Daily Delicious Whole Wheat Bread

By | May 16th, 2016|Favorite Recipes|

We absolutely devour this delicious recipe from and after trying a few different bread recipes that I found elsewhere prior to this one, this recipe instantly became a family favorite - we LOVE it!  We make this recipe to have with our Green Smoothies in the mornings for breakfast. - YUM.  (Have I said [...]

Favorite Recipes: Honey-Garlic Angel Hair Pasta

By | April 20th, 2016|Favorite Recipes|

Serves:  10-12 I found this recipe in Quick Cooking Magazine (by Taste of Home) years ago and it's been a family favorite ever since!  Sooo yummy!!!  One of our current favorite summer dinners is to serve this pasta dish along with a separate dish of spinach salad tossed with Italian salad dressing, bacon bits, and chopped red bell pepper.  Our whole family gobbles it [...]

Favorite Recipes: Cobb Salad

By | March 26th, 2016|Favorite Recipes|

Since writing about how I create our weekly schedule and mentioning that we have cobb salads every day with lunch, I've had several requests for the recipe.  *smile*  We have so enjoyed developing our salad lunches! And this has also been a good way to cut back on our grocery bill, compared to serving pre-prepared [...]

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