Family Practical How-To’s: Transportation, Birthdays, Hair cuts, 1-on-1’s, & Laundry!

By | July 4th, 2016|How Do We Do That, Large Family - Small House, Organization, Surrender and Blessings|

When people see our family of 11 people out and about doing life, they often tip their head to the side, get a puzzled look on their face, and ask, “…How do you do_____?”  This always makes us chuckle because we’re “just us”, and we’ve become the larger group of “just us” gradually, one person [...]

Large Family Matters: Parenting Young Children While Successfully Managing Your Home

By | June 4th, 2016|How Do We Do That, Large Family Matters, Organization, Parenting, Schedules and Routines, Surrender and Blessings, Time Efficiency|

 Here is the question I will be answering this time: "I was wondering if you had any insight to those hard years when you have a lot of littles [only] but still need to teach the foundational subjects.  I'm looking for practical helps.  I'm really struggling right now.  My children are 11 mo., 3 yrs, [...]

Large Family Laundry Strategies – More Tips & Practical How-To’s

By | May 27th, 2016|How Do We Do That, Large Family - Small House, Organization, Time Efficiency|

Laundry is a very popular subject for people to ask me about.  *smile*  I've posted about it a couple of times ("Large Family Laundry Strategies:  How I Keep 9 Kids Clean, and Why That's Valuable", and "Large Family Practical How-To's"), but I'm always learning and improving my own strategies!  So I'll share some more great [...]

Large Family Laundry Strategies – How I Keep 9 Kids Clean and Why That’s Valuable

By | January 3rd, 2016|How Do We Do That, Large Family - Small House, Schedules and Routines, Time Efficiency|

About our laundry facility The frequency that I do laundry Stain/soil removing strategies Time-saving strategies A Mistake-saving strategy Our strategy for last minute cleaning in public The value of overall cleanliness for kids People notice when a large family’s kids are clean and well-cared for – and they notice when they’re not.  Some large families [...]

Large Family Camping (2014) – It’s Very Do-Able!

By | June 22nd, 2015|Family Fun, How Do We Do That, Toys and Activities|

Basic tent camping - large family style Our packing list & meal planning Unpacking and laundry strategies Camping season is here once again! *cheer!* And we're all over it with our large group! Have you desired to camp with young children, or with a larger group but just haven't quite taken the plunge yet? *chuckle* [...]

Family Scheduling Series – My Posts on This Valuable Concept

By | August 24th, 2013|Schedules and Routines, Series, Time Efficiency|

Okay precious Mamas!  *smile*  Fall is approaching quickly and I know that most all of you are falling in to one of two categories.  Either you are thinking through your new schedules for this next school year and may have some questions or need more ideas or motivation; or you're wondering what all the hype [...]

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