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Potty Training Twins!

By | July 20th, 2013|How Do We Do That, Parenting, Schedules and Routines, Time Efficiency|

In contemplating potty training twins I have for 2 1/2 years polled other people I know who have twins about how they potty trained and have received pretty much the same feedback.  I've also considered our own twins personalities and what the best approach would be for both them and for me.  And then the [...]

Well-Child Check-Ups: How We Do Them Large Family Style

By | February 1st, 2013|How Do We Do That, Organization, Schedules and Routines|

How I would take just a few children in the beginning How I took all 9 children And how I can do appointments now with older children You may be reading this post for ideas for your own family.  You may be reading it just out of curiosity about large families.  *smile*  But most of [...]

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