Erika Shupe

Hello and welcome! *smile* My name is Erika. My husband Bob and I have been married for 19 years, and we are blessed with 9 children. Bob and I co-author Family Living on Purpose together. I write the majority of the content; Bob is the blog editor and technician.

A little about myself. Most importantly I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart. Also, I have a BA degree from Western Washington University in Early Childhood Education. I love to organize – like, more than eating. *laugh* To do life ON PURPOSE; proactively rather than re-actively. I enjoy speaking at conferences and retreats; singing at weddings, retreats, and at church; scrapbooking online; camp fires on the beach; playing tennis with the family; taking walks; quality time; and coffee with dear friends. I’m very practical. I enjoy the simple things. I love my slippers. I love to laugh and cry in the same movie. And I aspire to bring you hope, vision, and encouragement for family life and parenting through organization of our homes, our time, and finances… Nice to meet you. *smile*

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