It is so good for families to play games together! They can bring so much laughter, and also important character development such as delayed gratification, patience, perseverance, good sportsmanship, being a kind and respectful friend, and fairness. *wink* But it can be harder to find games that the whole family enjoys, especially if you have a broad age range of people, and if some of your people are on the younger end. These games can be played just between children without adult help as well, and 6 of the 7 recommendations travel easily. So I wanted to share with you some of our favorites that I can also honestly enjoy myself! After many years of Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders I felt desperate to find some newer ones *laugh*, so here are some I’d recommend…


Watch Ya Mouth – Family Edition

Watch Ya Mouth

This game has our family rolling with laughter, and it’s fun with any age of child above about the age of 5 or 6. The idea is to place dental cheek refractors into one’s mouth and then attempt to have your team guess what you are saying when reading the phrase on the card drawn, as as possible within about 3 minutes. We have played it at the company Christmas party, too, and cried with laughter! I do encourage you to buy the family version for the cleanest kind of humor. The family version comes with mouth pieces for both children and adults, plus we purchased an extra package of 20 them for only $3 for our larger family. There are also expansion packs to be purchased to keep the game fresh. Here is a YouTube link to watch the creators playing the game (disclaimer – this video has a couple of turns near the end that are not appropriate for young children).

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly

This is such a creative card game. The idea is to build peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, without getting the large rubber fly which paralyzes the process temporarily, and without having any “ants” take your pieces. If you have a larger family I encourage you to buy two sets so that several children can play at once.


There’s a Moose in the House

Theres a Moose in the House

The idea of this card game is to try to get as many moose into the other opponent’s house as possible before they “slam the door” on a room blocking the moose from entering. This whole idea makes our children laugh, which makes their mama laugh. *chuckle*


Spot-It – Jr. or Regular

Spot It

For this card game there are several ways to play it, which keeps it fresh and fun. But the general idea is matching pictures between cards and either collecting the cards or trying to get rid of them depending on the version chosen to be played. Spot-It Jr. matches only pictures, and the Regular version also matches words. Excellent academic practice for children as well.



This game is a play off of bingo, but with pictures. The children dispense a picture to find the match and whoever finds it first claims the token for their card. Super cute, and kids can play on their own even which is fun for them to not always have to wait for an adult or older sibling to play.  *smile*


Busy Town

Busy Town

This is a board game and so needs more space, preferably on a table or hard floor. The game is intended to develop team work, attention to detail, and object identification. Participants play a “Where’s Waldo” kind of search for certain items as a team, placing little magnifying classes on the items as they’re found, and then progressing from there.


Connect Four

Connnect Four

Now this one is an oldie but goodie but our children and I still love it. Again, there are several different version to be played with the same game which is nice I think. The main idea being connecting 4 checkers in a row either vertically or diagonally to win the game.




One more card game that has been around for a long time, but we still love it. This is also a matching game with either numbers, colors, or action words which reverse the game’s direction, cause another player to draw extra cards or skips their turn. Again, with a larger group I encourage you to purchase 2 sets so that everyone can play together.


I will try to remember to add additional games on to this list as I find other great ones! And please do share with us your own family favorites so we can add that to the list too!


Blessings on your family time!

Erika Shupe