We would like to help you get to know us better by inviting you into our home via photo tour.  We will show you the floor plan and then each of the rooms inside.  Welcome.  *smile*

We purchased our house in 2004 when it was still under construction.  It is a smaller than average “split level”, 4 bed room and 3 bathroom, 1,100 sq/ft (plus a 2-car garage), so the rooms are all small.  The furniture drawn in to the floor plan is actually not a current arrangement as we’ve updated our photos since Bob created this floor plan, but it will hopefully still give you a good perspective as to the size.  (Click on any diagrams or photos to enlarge, 1 or 2x)

When we first moved in we had just 3 children, so this was a nice size for a first house…we never dreamed the Lord would move in our hearts as He did and bless us with 6 more children (so far) in this same house!  But the Lord has been so faithful to show us how to organize and adjust our home in many ways over time, and so far we fit just fine.  Every time we added another person, another bed, larger quantities of food to feed our growing group, a larger dining room table, add more clothes, coats and shoes, more homeschool supplies, etc…the Lord has shown us His plan with how to make it all fit.  We’ve learned and are continuing to learn to joyfully receive all that He has for us, and excitedly follow His plans for our home as He reveals them to us.
So here is the main entry way.
Upstairs to the left is the family room.

Adjacent is the dining room which seats all 11 of us,

and then the kitchen.

The Main Hall
(Each of our children’s photos when they are 1-year-old)
Off of the upstairs hallway there is a pantry on the right (Converting a Closet to a Pantry), and a full bathroom on the left.

The  playroom, computer lab, and school supply & craft storage room.  There is currently only one task chair and then we have folding chairs in a corner for others to use as well.  We’ve chosen not to have more task chairs yet as they take up too much floor space which we use currently more than task chairs.  Toys are stored in the storage tubs underneath the desk, and in the drawers…

(toys and puzzles are stored in storage tubs and plastic containers and on shelves in all of the white cubbies…)
(and toys are stored in these white cupboards and games are in the closet.  The additional three dress up clothes boxes are in the garage.)

Our master bedroom at the end of the hallway upstairs,

with a full master bath,

and a walk-in closet (with changing table currently). *smile*  We have baby clothes (or currently 3-year-old clothes) in the changing table/dresser in our closet, and some in the cubbie shelves, too.

Downstairs, from the hallway there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room. 

The girls’ bedroom is on the left.  There is a single bed with a trundle underneath it and a triple bunk for our 5 girls

The boys’ bedroom is at the end of the hallway also with one single bed and a triple bunk for our 4 boys.

On the right in the hallway is the third full bathroom,

and a laundry room is adjacent, through the bathroom on the opposite side.

Also down stairs is the door to the garage.  We’ve divided this in to three areas:  ¼ is a master closet for all of the children’s clothes (Building a Large Shared Closet), ½ is a “mud room” where we come and go from the van, and ¼ is true garage storage, tools, and the elliptical trainer exercise machine.

(Here is the children’s shoe rack on the opposite side of mine and Bob’s shoes; seasonal shoes only are here at a time.)

(Children’s clothing is stored by age around the top perimeter of the above room, and on this center section of the garage, the right side wall of the above photo)

We also have a storage shed in the back yard for much of the garage storage.
Our back yard is big enough for the kids to be able to run around in, and currently has a deck, a swing set, a dirt corner for digging in, and we’re hoping to build a climbing structure at the back of it this summer.  
Hope you enjoyed seeing our home.  *smile*